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Solution on guifications plugins for carrier

Posted at — Mar 14, 2009

The IM client I’m using is Fun Pidgin( It improves pidgin, and fixes some bugs, so I can get good user experience on it. But I met a problem when I wanted to install pidgin-guifications, the well-known plugin for pidgin.

I used

sudo apt-get install pidgin-guifications

but it did not work. I cannot find it in carrier(Fun Pidgin)’s plugin list.

so I downloaded the source ( to compile.

Then ran configure as usual.

It said

No package 'pidgin' found

Indeed, I didn’t install pidgin, but carrier.

edit the configure. replace ‘pidgin purple’ with ‘carrier’.

then configure, make, and make install.

Surprisingly, I found there are /pidgin, /pixmap, and /locale. It must have considered prefix as ‘/’, but not something like ‘/usr/lib’. It’s the configure’s problem. search ‘pidgin’ word by word, and found that

pkg-config --variable=libdir pidgin

replace such ‘pidgin’ with ‘carrier’. And problem resolved.

I can now use carrier well. :)