Initial Commit

Listen, Learn.


Posted at — May 31, 2012

Today I resign from my first job.

It’s been three and a half years.

In the first year, I did learn a lot, not only about programming, but also communication, relation with people and compromise. I, from a graduate who only finish homework and assignment, became a better developer that considering more than only programming.

In the second year, I was a member of a live team, which handled emergencies. So I learned responsiveness and stability. Later in that year, I began to learn leadership. Much more to keep in mind, well also more tired.

The third year was when I began to get in touch with Mac and iOS. This is a totally different field. I got to know and became interested in the leading stuffs of digital world. Design, User experience, and Server performance were the main things of the year.

Now I’m a bit tired of regular work here now. I want to work with people smarter, more creative, technically better than I am so I’m strongly willing to work with him/her so I cannot leave a company even there are evil things. And I don’t know why but I have higher standard for co-wokers that I was sometimes angry with the same stupid mistakes they made again and again. And as the company grows bigger and bigger, more people are coming. I seems to be not very comfortable about that. I guess I prefer small and high quality groups. Also I think it’s a good chance that I can begin to learn what I’m interested in, what I found I’m lack of, and the direction I’m going down to. There are indeed a lot to learn, basic and advanced.

Good luck to myself and hope little distraction to me when I learn things by myself. :)