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Simple review of Mountain Lion

Posted at — Jul 29, 2012

I got the Mountain Lion as soon as I can and have it installed on my new Macbook Air. (Well, I have to blame Apple’s performance of sending redeem codes, which seemed to be confirmed and sent by manual. This took about 35 hours for me to get it.)

This is a simple review after 2-day usage. I call it simple, compared to some 24-page review. :)


Though there are a bunch of new features coming with Mountain Lion, I found there are almost nothing exciting for me.

Major Features

Other improvements

There are some things should be done at the first version they appear in Lion:

There are also bad changes from my view:

Some improvements are good and friendly, like inline progress for downloads in Finder, and Power Nap.

I would hope there is a “Disable Sharing” option for me, non-sharing people.


By far, I’ve met two problems:


Mountain Lion is OK overall, with many minor improvements and some bugs, while the major features are not my things. This update is about iCloud and sharing. I’ll give a 4 out of 5. Hmm, it seems I prefer Lion. But well, things move on. Let me hope Apple can fix the problems and work on exciting features.