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Listen, Learn.

About Learning

Posted at — Jun 21, 2013

In years, I sensed I’m learning more and more slowly.

The most enjoyable period was a year just after my graduation. I literally knew nothing about programming, cooperating, anything. I learned from anything I saw, I felt. I was excited, and not tired at all.

I was eager to get back to that situation by trying to learn a lot of new things. New language, new framework, new tools… But now I think that’s not the solution, because it’s not that I knew nothing about the circumstances. Now, I knew most of things I work for, and the only lacking factor is the interest, the enthusiasm. That’s where I began to seek for interesting stuffs. But interesting things always appear much more faster than I can handle. So, I dropped one when it got a bit harder to learn, to use, and to understand, and got into a new toy.

I ended up having learned nothing.

It’s just not right.

I need a plan. That’s something I can get help from, to actually learn things. Read a real book instead of tons of pdf sitting in the Documents directory, and get deep into something, and that’ll be fun. If you know more, you can really communicate with the cool guys who’re also into it, instead of being a user, and only commit a bug report without really fixing it.

Let me get start now. Get a plan, starting from the basic things, and learn useful and really interesting things.

Wish myself luck!