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Solve a AFNetworking warning

Posted at — Jul 5, 2013

As Google Reader shut down on July 1st, I moved to use Stringer, which is in Ruby and provides Fever-compatible API.

Also, disappointing Reeder’s Mac version is still in development and no ETA. I need a simple client to browse RSS items every day. I’m making my own.

It’s going all right, when suddenly this error kept occurring out of nowhere:

ERROR: unable to get the receiver data from the DB!

Google helped zero.

This happens when AFNetworking was doing net requests.

After grep all the frameworks (right, it was a stupid way), it turned out to be CFNetwork. Oops, so the best guess is the cache.

I was right. After cleaning the app cache directory in ~/Library/Caches, it works well now.

No idea if it’s a usual error, but it’s definately a bad way to show the warning. Either recover it yourself, or specify what the hell is wrong explicitly.