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Leave the craps, do cleanup

Posted at — Jul 23, 2014

I think it’s common to see a recommend-to-read, and open it in browser, but no time to read it, so the page is left open. As time goes on, I had several browser windows full of open tabs.

It’s not good:

So I think it’s a good idea to gather them to a single webpage, to save, to search, to revisit, and as a to-do list more or less.

I took the apple script from Generate a List of Open Safari Tabs with AppleScript, and did a little tweak to make it suit my needs, which adds HTML header and footer, and saves to clipboard. I keep it in this gist.

These pages are things that I’m a bit interested in, and would like to take a moment to read or learn, but they’re either important or so interesting. I have to digest them in a slow way, but it’s a pity to just throw them away.

There are another kind of information, which I think may be useful some day. I saved them in bookmark services, like Pinboard, so some day I can find by tags.

I like to keep things simple. It’s quite crappy for me to keep dozens of tabs open, doing nothing but eating up limited resources. Cleaning up the craps will definitely put me in good sleep, with only one page (or index indeed) open.