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Abandoned Evernote, Moved to Notes

Posted at — Oct 7, 2015

I’ve been using Evernote casually for years. Though it’s not a quite full-featured app, and has almost added no (big) features through years, I was still using it because it’s fine for my needs.

Recently, it adopted a unwise strategy, that popping a dialog to ask you to upgrade to a premium account every so often. By “unwise”, I mean it only drives people away. I’m one of them, and now OS X El Capitan greatly improves its Notes app, so I want to try to use Notes for notes.

I wrote a simple AppleScript to move all notes from Evernote to Notes. This just creates folder if it doesn’t already exists, and create a note by Evernote’s HTML content, without attachments.

Notes does not handle web clips or PDFs, indeed. But it might be enough for casual usage. I’ll keep Evernote closed for now.

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